Stubborn Children


“‘Ah, stubborn children,’ declares the Lord, ‘who carry out a plan, but not Mine, and who make an alliance, but not of my Spirit, that they add sin to sin’.” (Isaiah 30:1 ESV)

Israel was meant to be in alliance with God, after all, it was Him who rescued them time and again and protected them from their enemies.  He made them what they were.  But often when trouble arose, Israel would choose to rely on their own resources and plans instead of trusting their faithful God to deliver them.  Because of this, God likens them to stubborn children who refuse to learn their lesson and insist on doing it their way.  Can you feel His frustration?

And yet, aren’t we often like these “stubborn children”?  We try to solve things on our own instead of relying on God’s help to get us through.  Sometimes we have good intentions, but many times, we can get impatient with waiting on deliverance from God and we act on our own.  Like Israel, this rarely turns out well for us, yet we refuse to learn our lesson.  We keep going back to our own devices.

Let’s stop trying to seek our ways that fail.  Let’s ally ourselves with the Spirit, move when He moves, rest when He rests.  Then, we are promised success.  “Blessed are all those who wait for Him“.

Father, help me to see Your work in me and in my surroundings, help me not to become impatient and act on my own.  I want to go where You go, move when You move.  Let me ally myself with Your Spirit so I may always be led by Your gentle guidance.  Thank You for Your patience with me even when I choose my own path and stumble.  Thank You for always leading me back from my stubbornness. Your love endures forever! Amen.


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