Tempest Tossed

tempest tossed

“When the tempest passes, the wicked is no more, but the righteous is established forever” (Prov. 10:25 ESV)

Sometimes storms come into our lives, we lose a job or a loved one, we struggle with sin.  Most of these storms are pretty good at shaking us up, making us stumble.  We grieve and we hurt and we struggle.  But regardless of how big the storm is, no matter how the wind howls and the thunder roars, we have help.  Hope.  Faith.  Trust.

God rewards those who have faith in Him.  He will bring us through even the toughest storms and we will arrive to the light on the other side stronger than ever through our faith in Him.  However, if one does not trust God storm or otherwise, there is no hope.  They will know only darkness.  How great is that darkness…

Father, Thank You for Your guiding hand through all our storms, large and small.  Sometimes we may question why we must go through a particular storm, but You are eternally wise and will lead us safely through.  We praise You forever for Your unfailing love!


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