To the End of the Age

pablo (1)

Those last few weeks Jesus was on the earth must have felt like a whirlwind to His disciples, a wild rollercoaster of emotions and events.  They believed that they had lost their savior to death on a cross. Then, to their amazement and joy, He came back, everything was going to be alright again, and suddenly, He was leaving again.  How could He do that when it was obvious that they so desperately needed Him?  What could He say to help ease this tumultuous time for them?  And then He says, “I am with you always”.  What an amazing and comforting promise!  A promise only God could make for only God could be in all places in all times.  And that was all that was needed.  What else could matter, for “I can do all things through Him” (Phil. 4:13)?

We’ve all felt lost and alone as the apostles must have felt.  Sometimes it may feel like God has abandoned us, left us alone to deal with our own struggles.  Sometimes it feels unfair, like all the mess we are in is His fault.  He wanted us to follow Him and now, somehow, we’re lost, struggling to find the purpose we once had.  How can He leave us now?  And yet, just as the apostles drew comfort from an eternal source, a well-spring that never dries up, that same source is where we draw comfort from today, that ever-bubbling fountain is our’s.  Christ is always with us.  He is faithful and He is true.  He will fulfill His promises.  He will not abandon us to labor alone in the work He has called us to. And He will be with us, even to the end of the age.


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