A Ready Answer (Part 2: Is the Bible True?)

As I mentioned in the last post, I was asked some questions by my friends, as per my request, about the Christian Faith, the Bible, etc.  They definitely didn’t spare me the hard ones.  Here is the next question:

Why do you believe that the Bible is true?

The really, really short answer?  Because I simply have no reason not to.  Now, since I know that answer would not really hold up in court, let’s see if I can give a more involved answer.

The Bible has been proven accurate in every way that it can be tested: geographically, scientifically, historically, archeologically, etc.  For example, most places in the Bible are exactly where it claims them to be (as far as we can determine from the ones that are still around today).  The people in the Bible can be proven to exist using other secular historical documents.  The events can likewise be proven.  (The book of Luke is an excellent history book if you want to sync up secular history with Biblical history).  You would be hard-pressed to prove that Jesus did not exist.  And the events that the Bible promised would happen, happened, enough times that you would have to be pretty stubborn to just call them “coincidences”.  New archeological evidences to support the Bible are being found every day.

Now, I know that not everything in the Bible can be proven using the earthly tools we have at our disposal.  So how can I know that the rest of the Bible is true?   I’ll answer with another question.  If you can check the facts of 99.9% of a news story, doesn’t it follow that the rest of the story can safely be accepted as truth, as well?  Since we can check the Bible on all these fronts and it constantly rings true, I think it can safely be assumed that the rest of the Bible is true as well.  Can I prove it?  No, not really, but that is what Faith is for.



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